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JCurlz Stats

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JCurlz Stats

Post  JustinJones on Mon Sep 20, 2010 9:39 am


Real Name: John Curry
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 150 lbs
Birthday: 3/9/1987
Age: 23
Hometown: Beaver Dam WI
Living Now: Nashville Tennessee


Face: My Own
Stage Name: JCurlz
Nicknames: the Country Boy Hero
Face/Heel/Neutral: Face
Marital Status: single
Personality: JCurlz is all about the fans, He loves to give the fans a match that they will remember for year. No matter if he wins or loses as long as the fans got their money worth.. He also is a easy going guy, Love to have fun..
Gimmick: Fights for the fun of it and gives a show for the fans
Places to Be Found: Bars. Campfires, Anywhere is fun
Strengths:BEing the best he can be, The Fan

Street Attire: Pair of cowboy boots tight jeans. A tight tshirt and a cowboy hat or a baseball cap
Promos Attire: Pair of cowboy boots tight jeans. A tight tshirt and a cowboy hat or a baseball cap
Wrestling Attire: Pair of Cowboy boots, Blue jeans with holes in the knees, wirst tape

Entrance Theme: XXL by Keith Anderson
Entrance Description: XXL by Keith Anderson plays as the fans are dancing and cheering on. I come running out from the back. Throw my hat in the air with my hand holding it. I embraced the cheers. Then I put my hat back on and walk down the ramp giving the fans high fives. Slides in the ring and started to do my little dance and then put my hat back in the air and then put it back on and then.

Fighting Style: High FLyer, HArdcore
Match of Choice:Ladder

- Common Moves:
1.) Running Dropkick
2.) DDT
3.) Powerbomb
4.) Spinning Kick
5.) Standing Moonsault
6.) Springboard Elbow
7.) Missile Dropkick
8.) Backbreaker
9.) Tornado DDT
10.) Neckbreaker
11.) Swinging Neckbreaker
12.) Spinning Leg Drop
13.) Driving Leg Drop
14.) Snap Suplex
15.) Moonsault
- Trademark Moves:
- Sharpshooter
-Driving Clothline
- Submission Holds:
- Finishing Moves:
- Hickdrop (Stunner)
- Frog Slpash

Past Accomplishments: None
Biography: Grown up on a farm in Horicon Wisconsin, Been a wrestling fan all his life. Him and his best friend JC Styles would fight in the backyard and would train together and now he here He also has a 6 year old daughter and he also a singer

Messenger: msn
Years Active:12
Other Characters:Justin Jones


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