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CEO Justin Jones

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CEO Justin Jones

Post  JustinJones on Mon Sep 20, 2010 9:27 am


Real Name: Justin Jones
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 250 lbs
Birthday: 8/25/1976
Age: 34
Hometown: Canada
Living Now: New York City New York


Face: Sean O'Haire
Stage Name: Justin Jones
Nicknames: Double J, The Canadian Badass
Face/Heel/Neutral: Heel
Marital Status: Married
Personality: A Little werid but tells how it is
Gimmick: The ceo and founder of JWF, Tells how it is.
Places to Be Found: Clubs, Wrestling events, gyms
Strengths: Seeing his blood, but still unkown
Weaknesses: Unknown

Street Attire: A Nice Suit
Promos Attire: a nice suit
Wrestling Attire: Black and Blue Underware style tights, Knee pads, Black and Blue Boots

Entrance Theme: "I Stand Alone' by Godsmack
Entrance Description:I Stand Alone by Godsmack hits the pa systems, The fans are booing. The lights dim down and a spotlight shines on the center of the stage as Justin Jones comes walking out. Smiles evilly and then walk down the ramp. Fans are booing like crazy, He slides into the ring and takes off the jacket as he walks to the turnbackle. Looks around evilly and then raise both close hands up in the air. He jumped down and then...

Fighting Style: Brawler, HArdcore
Match of Choice: Hardcore type

- Common Moves:
-double arm DDT
- spinning neckbreaker
-Knee to the face
- Trademark Moves:
-Running kneedrop
- Submission Holds:
- Finishing Moves:
-Jones Effect (pedigree)
-Jumping Up DDT

Past Accomplishments: 9x World Champion, 1x Pain Champion, 5x Tag Champion, 6x Hardcore champion
Biography: Justin Jones first started wrestling in a company name BNG on the msn network back in 1999, Then created his own company in 1999 and it was a good company for a year before it shut down. So he been wrestling in alot of different companys. And now he reopened JWF.

Name: Jon
Messenger: msn
E-Mail: wholefnshow@live.com
Years Active: 12
Other Characters: JCurlz

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