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JWF Rules.....

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JWF Rules.....

Post  JustinJones on Fri Sep 10, 2010 9:56 am

1) Have Fun.

2) There is no face limit but please keep it real. Lets try not to have alot of people useing the same face. If it gets bad I will inforce a face limit.

3)There is no character limit. You can play as many you want but you have to be active with all of them.

4) Once you join you have 1 week to post your stats and 2 weeks to debut. But Please don't sit on it. Faster you post it the faster you get in matches and having fun.

5) Keep in mind that JWF is a family. Once you join your part of the family. So please treat everyone with respect.

6) Results are judge by The JWF Staff. All results that are posted are final and thats that.

7) Leaves of Absence are expected, and by all means perfectly fine. But we would very much like to know ahead of time. Taking an LOA is as simple as posting a note for us on the LOA board


9) NO RAPING - Unless the person who plays that character allows it.

10) Mature Roleplays Are Allowed. But Make sure that there is a fair waring on top of the roleplay so people will know about it before reading. We don't want to offend anyone and lose family members because of it.

11) Rules may be added so keep checking once and awhile to see if theres a new one. Rule also could be drop to so yeah.

12) If you have any ideas for JWF let me know at wholefnshow@live.com or on the ooc board.

Thank You & Have Fun Roleplaying

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