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This Is What We All About

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This Is What We All About

Post  JustinJones on Fri Sep 10, 2010 9:52 am

Let me share with you who we are all about here in Jackass Wrestling Federation. We here in JWF wants everyone to have a fun time roleplaying and take pride in their work. We here in JWF doesn't want to do what everyone else have been doing and trying to copy what they see on tv we here want everyone to get creative with their roleplays. We have two shows. Friday Night Heat which is on every friday. Then we have one pay per-view a month.

The history that JWF has in the wrestling world is somewhat short but. Back in 1999 Jon aka Justin Jones created JWF on the msn network. JWF has ranked #1 on the msn network for 4 months straight. Then a year later Justin Jones had some personal probloms so he had to close it doors. Now 2010 he reopens JWF on the aimoo network and hopes to recreate the best fed out there. But his only goal is to have the members of jwf to just have fun doing this.

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